Stand With Ukraine

Stand With Ukraine

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So this is an item that’s a bit out of the norm for me.

If you aren’t aware of what’s going on in Europe - specifically Ukraine, I encourage you to take some time today and do some research.

It’s horrific. It’s devastating. It’s terrifying. It’s inhumane.

And it’s a very very unsafe situation for very many and there has already been so many casualties.

This has been extremely heavy on my heart and I know that Jesus doesn’t put things that weigh this much on you if he isn’t calling you to serve.

So I spent this past week watching this war - figuring out what serving looked like for me.

I couldn’t just stand by and keep watching I want to actively help in some sort of way.

I know I don’t have a giant following and I’m not famous or anything but even if it’s just $100 - I want to help if I can.

If you want to support Ukraine from afar by sporting their flag, I will be selling the shirts above and a portion of the proceeds from every shirt sold will be donated to CAMA.


Lighthouse Christian Centers national church partner in Kyiv is looking to begin evacuating women and children out of the capital city as soon as possible. CAMA Services is joining with the pastors of Kyiv by providing food assistance and compensating the costs for housing and travel as needed for those evacuating the war zone.

Please Pray For Ukraine.