Life with Liv & Rory

  • Brunchin our way around Tacoma

    I have made a list and we are going to try out atleast one brunch a month! So I'll update our brunch stops as we go and fill you in on the food, cost, what we loved and what we didn't like.
  • The Best Date Night Restaurants in Tacoma

    Of course we all love our kiddos, but sometimes it's nice to have a dinner without tantrums, food persuasion, and listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on your phone. So here's some restaurants I recommend for date nights in the area (in no particular order)!
  • Weekending in Seattle

    Seattle is easily recognized by the Space Needle but there is so much more to the city than that! We live just 45 minutes from the city so we are able to visit often. Whether you're going for the weekend or just a day, here's some things we love to do!
  • A Review of Pretty Gritty Tours: Tacoma Sweets Tour

    Yall know me, I'm a fan of sweets and a big foodie. So I was ecstatic to learn there was a Sweets Tour in Tacoma and couldn't wait to try it out. I think Aurora takes after me too, you can tell by her face of relief in eating that donut. Now I've paid anywhere from $50-100 for food Tours in other cities so this one was shockingly cheap.
  • Good Eats Near Joint Base Lewis-McChord

    There is no shortage of great places to get delicious food around JBLM. Trust me when I say there are tons of restaurants and majority of them are decent. I'm just naming a few, not even a handful of the ones in the area.