Life with Liv & Rory

  • Horse Races at Emerald Downs

    Horse Racing has always been on my bucket list. I wanted to say I had been to at least one. I had no idea they were this much fun! We are lucky to have Emerald Downs just 30ish minutes from us. Best part? Military ID will get you in for free! General admission to races are $9 with children 17 and under free. Racing season is April through September.
  • Inside Tacoma - Old Town

    "Old Town" Tacoma is actually where the town started. This area is small but fiercely beautiful. It's on the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of downtown. Here you'll find old houses full of charm and a view of the Puget sound for miles.
  • An Afternoon in Olympia, WA

    Olympia is the capital of Washington, which I had since forgotten from....what grade did we have to memorize state capitals? It's a gorgeous small town on the coast of Washington. It's full of charm and is one of my favorite places to visit since it's just twenty minutes from us. Here's some things we love to hit on an afternoon in Olympia.
  • Inside Tacoma - Museum District

    The Museum district of Tacoma is primarily located on Pacific Avenue. There are quite a few museums to choose from and plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores to browse. Conveniently located next to public transportation and lots of parking lots, this is a happening area. There are lots of students around since the campus is also located here.
  • Exploring Antique Row in Tacoma

    You can find tons of Antique and vintage shops around the area. If you want to hit a ton of shops without having to find another parking space then Antique Row is where you need to go. Antique Row is located on Broadway Street in downtown Tacoma. It's on the other side of the street from the theaters and where the Farmers Market is held.
  • A Review of Pretty Gritty Tours: Tacoma Sweets Tour

    Yall know me, I'm a fan of sweets and a big foodie. So I was ecstatic to learn there was a Sweets Tour in Tacoma and couldn't wait to try it out. I think Aurora takes after me too, you can tell by her face of relief in eating that donut. Now I've paid anywhere from $50-100 for food Tours in other cities so this one was shockingly cheap.
  • Good Eats Near Joint Base Lewis-McChord

    There is no shortage of great places to get delicious food around JBLM. Trust me when I say there are tons of restaurants and majority of them are decent. I'm just naming a few, not even a handful of the ones in the area.
  • Inside Tacoma - Proctor District

    The Proctor district of Tacoma is an up and coming neighborhood with lots to do. It is a neat area with shops and restaurants, oh and fish. It's funny because I feel like every city has some type of animal statue throughout the city, and for Tacoma, it's Salmon. You can find differently decorated versions in all the districts of Tacoma.