Sunnyside Beach Park in Steilacoom

Only in the PNW can you have both the mountains and the beach. This beach is so gorgeous with a view of the mountains and other islands in the distance from the shore. There is also a ton of ocean life to explore. You are able to scuba dive here, we saw paddle boards, pool floats and there were also some boats anchored off the coast. Dogs are welcome on the beach and in the park as well! 
If its hot, then you know you'll want to wear your swimsuit, but what about a cover up? The Summer Fun Romper ($50) is perfect by itself but also great as a cover up. It's easy to slip on and off and looks way cuter. We always offer FREE shipping!
Bring $5 cash with you to park, you need exact change. The park has picnic tables, outdoor showers to rinse off, restrooms, a sand volleyball court, and plenty of green space and beach. Wear water shoes, seriously. There are rocks everywhere with barnacles on them and they hurt like heck to step on. It's best to wear the water shoes that can be kept on the whole time.
There is so much to discover here on the beach. Just walking around you can find oysters, shells, interesting rocks. You'll see tons of dead crabs but underneath the rocks are where you can find the most.
Flip over a rock and you can witness dozens of tiny crabs scurrying away or burying themselves in the dirt. Most will be fine with you picking them up and the tiny ones wouldn't hurt you anyways. It actually tickles a little bit when they walk on your hand. 
We found shrimp, minnows, sea slugs, hermit crabs, as well as this thing on the right. When Travis grabbed it we thought it was a snake because of the coloring. After studying it in Aurora's beach bucket we thought it was an eel. It had a fish tail and fins, a fish face, snake print coloring, and was long like an eel. Still no clue what it was but it was a fun find.
If you venture into the water (about mid calf) you can find large crabs hiding by the rocks. I wouldn't grab them myself but Travis got a few and we would hold them. 
It may not be the type of beach we are use to in Florida, but it's full of fun and adventure. There is never a dull day in the PNW.
You are beautiful, You are strong, You are strong, so dress like it. 
Love, Liv & Rory

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