Reviewing the Causebox Subscription

There are tons of subscription boxes out there and I've always wanted to try one. Literally everybody does the Fab Fit Fun, and while I looked into it, I ultimately loved the thought and good cause behind the Causebox and went with it! Here's my review and everything I got in my Summer Welcome Box for $49.99
What am I wearing you ask?! I've got on our Snow White Tee ($37) paired with a Jumpsuit from Target. The Snow White Tee has gorgeous lace sleeves and a v-neck. It was the perfect match for my Glass Ladder & Co Clutch that came in the Causebox! Come shop our brand new boutique at 116 S Meridian in Puyallup or online with free shipping at
Why Causebox? I like the mission behind Causebox. All of the items are from socially conscious companies that give back. Causebox also gives a ton to charity from these boxes. In each box you can find apparel that empowers women, accessories that create opportunities for women, jewelry that creates fair trade jobs, wellness products that are sustainably and ethically made, exclusive artwork that supports local and global artists, homewards that give back to charity, and beauty products that are vegan and eco-friendly. I also admire Causebox's core values: artisan made, clean beauty, B Corporations, artist residency programs, and sustainability. You can read all about thier values and the companies that provided the items for the box in the included magazine inside. There are coupons on the back page for these vendors too!
Get $10 off your first box (I'll get $10 off mine too)! Copy and paste this link:
I know they all say this, but the Causebox is a great value for what you get! Each individual box is $49.95 but there are two different types of membership. You can cancel anytime so dont feel locked into it. The quarterly membership is $54.95 which renews every quarter (4x per year). The annual membership has a $20 discount and is $199.80 per year which includes 4 boxes. Another difference between the quarterly and annual membership is that if you join for the year youll get to pick the contents of your box. If yo are a quarterly member then what you get inside is randomly picked. Both are exactly the same items but when I say pick i mean choose between colors of items.
Everything you see on the first photo is what I got in my Summer Welcome Box! So lets break it down. The box is so cute. Why are we obsessed with packaging? It's proven research that people love packaging and will shop with companies based on it. The big ticket item inside the box is the Glass Ladder & Co Leather Clutch. This is listed on Glass Ladder & Co's website for $129! And you're getting it for less than $50 in the box. I chose the pink one but you can also choose from navy or tan inside the box.
The next big item is the Turkish Towel by Fair Seas Supply Co. This is $44 and is made from Organic Cotton. I actually love this more than I thought I would! It's perfect for a cover up, a towel to lay on, a thin blanket, etc. I used it when we went on a boat tour to block the chilly wind and it was perfect.
You'll also get an insulated tumbler in either white or navy. I love my stainless steel cups and use them daily but I like the smaller size of this one and how convenient it is to pack! The value of the tumbler is $13.99
Next up are the necklace choices and I choose the gold sun. These necklaces are by Marina De Buchanan and are $39. The silver moon and the gold sun are both petite necklaces that are lightweight and a short length. Marina de Buchi is a company set up to fight human trafficking with beautifully designed jewelry.
You make up junkies will laugh at me, but I had no clue what this was when I opened the box. I had to google it, haha. It s a Jade roller by Luna Nectar and is used for your face! Causebox lists the value at $25 but I saw it online with Sephora for $30. Basically the jade stone has skin benefits and you roll it along your face. It feels amazing since the stone is cool and I feel like Im rolling away all the wrinkles. 
I also got a pack of three nail polish's by Zoya, a $30 value. The colors are a great neutral trio so I'll definitely be using them! The postcard inside is done by the same artist that designed the box and it features sunbathers on a beach. They choose a different artist each box from all over the world.
The last two items in the box are the Nourish pink clay mask by Klei and a macrame plante hanger. I love the clay mask powder since you can mix it yourself with as little or as much as you want and it lasts over time. The clay mask is a $38 value. Her entire brand focuses on waterless clay mask formulations with a long shelf life, no toxins to spoil, and a fun DIY component. Every Klei Beauty ingredient is food grade and biodegradable. Macrame plant hangers are really in right now and I have a few myself so this will be great to add to my collection!
I really do like everything I got in my box. I feel like its stuff I will actually use and I think it was an awesome bang for your buck! I'll update on my next box too! If you want to grab one and get $10 off your box (I'll get $10 off my box too!), copy and paste this link:
For more info about Causebox and to see past boxes and contents, visit
You are Beautiful, You are Strong, You are Smart, so Dress like it!
Love, Liv & Rory


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  • I fine your thoughts and comments honest and refreshing . I hope to visit your boutique soon .


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