Inside Tacoma - Old Town

"Old Town" Tacoma is actually where the town started. This area is small but fiercely beautiful. It's on the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of downtown. Here you'll find old houses full of charm and a view of the Puget sound for miles.
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There is a nice few blocks to walk down, and if you're tired of walking hop on a scooter for rent. There's a nice little park Andy you'll come find a replica cabin of Job Carr's who was the first settler in Tacoma. 
The Job Carr cabin is free to walk in and donations are accepted. It is open Wednesday through Friday from 11am to 4pm and Saturday's 12-4pm seasonally. For more info, visit
When you hit the middle of Old Town, a little past this mural, take the road down to the waterside. There is a pier here to walk out on and it has a gorgeous full view of the Pugent Sound. There are a few seafood restaurants as well, this road is part of the five mile drive.
If you walk out on the pier you'll be able to see a large sundial statue down the road a bit. This is where you can head towards if you want to walk on the beach, there is a small access area here but swimming is not allowed because of the boats. 
Head back up in town and walk to the very end, you'll find a small park on the top of the hill. It's got one of the nortorious salmon statues.
The stores and restaurants along the main drive are enough to count on one hand. We didn't eat here that day but if you need coffee I did see an Anthem Coffee. There was a cute pottery store we walked into called "Throwing Mud Gallery". They have locally made pottery for sale and it's a paint your own pottery workshop too.
Old Town may be small but it's full of charm and is worth strolling through! 
For more info, visit
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