Glamping in Forks, WA

Whether you are team Edward or team Jacob, or even neither, there is tons to do around Forks, Washington! Rainforests, beaches, lakes, hiking, and more. Here's what we did on our weekend of "glamping" and the most popular places to visit in the area!
Day 1: Ruby Beach, Rialto Beach, Forks, Sol Duc River
Fashion first of course! The weather forecast said hot. So I dressed for hot and wore our neon Pink Lace Bralette ($30) paired with a really bright floral tank I got from our neighbor store Misha. I always try to support other small businesses and boss babes! I paired it with our Dahlia Dark Wash Shorts ($35). These shorts are so comfy and go with everything! Come check out our brand new boutique at 116 S Meridian in Puyallup or online with FREE shipping at
Ruby Beach
We planned all of our beach visits around low tide. You find tide schedules on google just search for the beach name and date you're wanting to go. Low tide was at 9am the day we went so we woke up really early to hit the road. This area is about two and a half hours from JBLM and it will pull up on Apple Maps.
There is a parking lot with restrooms and trash cans. There are not too many parking spots and even being early we got one of the last ones. If it is full when you arrive there is plenty of room on the side of the parking lot or the road. Dogs are allowed on this beach (quite a few of the beaches in the area are not dog friendly).
You will follow a short little trail down to the beach.
This beach is so beautiful! It's unlike any beach we've ever seen, with the dark sand, rocks and driftwood. Being from Florida we've never seen a beach with a forest next to it. It looked exactly like the Twilight movies too.
You'll want to wear water shoes because it is very rocky and youll have to step over huge driftwood logs to get to the beach.
People have taken these giant driftwood logs and made tepees of them all over the beach. Aurora loved them because they looked like little playhouses. 
There is tons to explore at this beach. It's a lot windier by the water but we actually felt fine and it was not raining when we went.
Why go at low tide? If you go at low tide you will be abl to see all of the tide pools! Starfish, sea anemones, seaweed, crabs, and more. Aurora loved seeing all of the different sea life.
Ruby Beach has these giant rock islands all over the place. They are so big they look like ships off in the distance. It is really cool to see.
Muffin also loved the beach. He enjoyed running around and playing.
Overall I would say this was our favorite beach to explore.
After Ruby Beach we headed to Forks. Technically Ruby Beach has a Forks address but its a 55 minute drive to get to the town from here.
Your first stop in Forks should be the Visitor's center! This is where the "Welcome to Forks" sign is as well as Bella's truck from the movie and the books. The left truck is the one from the books and the right ifs from the movies.
If you didn't know, none of the Twilight movies were actually filmed in Forks. Stephanie Meyer did however base the entire book series off this small town in the middle of nowhere and there are many spots in the town she hung out and wrote about in the books.
The Visitor's Center has tons of info on places to visit in the area, in the town of Forks, and tons of Twilight items. Stickers, souvenirs, giant cardboard cut outs of the actors, and some ladies that are really excited about you visiting Forks. I can only imagine the boom of tourism they've experienced since the movies. 
You can get all the brochures and maps here, or, you can request them to be mailed to you before your trip which is what I did. Most cities have a tourism website where you can request travel info ahead of time and they'll either email or mail you booklets. If you'd like to request the booklets be mailed to you, you can get them at
Since it was next door we decided to check out the Forks Timber Museum. It is very small and there honestly wasn't much to see. It's only $3 per adult and kids under 12 are free. I you have time to kill then check it out, but dont make a special stop. 
They have a little scavenger hunt for kids to do and when completed they'll get a coloring sheet and a postcard.
I knew Forks was small, but it was even smaller than I expected. It's got a population of 5000, two stoplights, and a handful of restaurants. Forks Outfitters is the only grocery store so if you need something, this is where to go. It also has an Ace Hardware attached to it.
The Rainforest Arts Center is in the middle of town on the main strip. This is where you can find a really good selection of movie props and costumes from the Twilight series. It is free admission. 
I cant even fathom how much money the town spent on purchasing all of these movie props, so I think its great they have free admission.
Every September they have a "Forever Forks" festival on Bella's Birthday. Maybe we'll make it out one year to see the hype. If you've ever watched Twilight on FX they have done some filming at the festival before and show it between movie clips for a "behind the scenes".
There are about four stores on the main road through town. Native to Twilight is the biggest and they have a good selection of Twilight items, Olympic National Park items, and Washington souvenirs. 
Pretty much all of the stores have the large character cutouts, just get a good laugh at me posing as Bella. 
As I mentioned before there are only a handful of restaurants in Forks. We tried out The Parlour and Pacific Pizza. The Parlour is like a soda fountain shop. They've got burgers, homemade fries, and ice cream. They were really cheap and the food was good. Pacific Pizza had really good deep dish pizza and has some good dessert pizzas. 
We drove by Forks High School to snap a photo, this is the sign that was used in the movies but it was not filmed here. This is however where Stephanie Meyer based the books on.
We also drove by the Forks Community Hospital where they have a reserved parking sign for Dr.Cullen. 
Next we headed to Rialto Beach which is located on the Quilete Indian Reservation. (Jacob's tribe)
On this road you will pass the "Treaty Line" between the Cullen's and the Quilete Tribe. It is located at Three Rivers Resort, a campground and RV Park. They have small cabins on the property to rent, a store, and a cafe.
Definitely the weirdest weather I've ever seen, it was 75 degrees and sunny in Forks. In fact, it was sunny and hot until right before we pulled into the Rialto Beach parking lot and it was like we drove into a cold cloud. It was foggy and freezing. This beach has even more driftwood logs than Ruby Beach and is very rocky.
We only spent just about ten minutes here.
We had planned to walk down to the "Hole in the Wall" which is a famous giant hole in a rock but it was miserable with the wind. This beach is dog friendly. The parking lot fills up fast but there is road parking, picnic tables, and restrooms.
Next we headed to check in at our AirBnB. I had a pretty difficult time finding a place for us to stay. There are only two motels in town and I didn't find that they were available or pet friendly. The only other places in the area are campgrounds. I looked into Three Rivers Resort to rent one of the small cabins for the weekend but thier pet policy is that they are not allowed to stay in the campground when you are not present. So I found this fifth wheel on AirBnB for $99/night.
I was impressed with the camper. It is an older model but it was very clean and kept in good shape. It was perfect for us for the weekend. It is located on private property. 
The Host also owns the campground next door to the property we were staying on and told us we were welcome to go hang out on the Sol Duc River. The campground has a great access point. If you are into camping, the tent spots here are only $25/night. Just keep in mind this campground does not have hook ups, restrooms, or showers. Rainforest Outdoors is who you'd call to reserve!
We had a great time playing in the river and laying in the sun. Muffin also had fun!
Day 2: Kalaloch Beach, Lake Quinault, HOH Rainforest
Day two was also suppose to be a hot one. I had this colorful tie dye tee that I paired with our Neon Yellow Ciara Shorts ($35). These shorts are super comfy and are great for a Seahawks game too (if you're a Seahawks fan). They are also available in hot pink. 
Our first stop was Kalaloch Beach. Kalaloch is considered Forks, WA but its about 50 minutes outside of town. We hit it at low tide. This is actually a huge campground so thats where youll park and walk down to the beach.
It is a short walk down some stairs to get to th beach. Just keep in mind there are multiple Beach accesses from the campground. We came back up the wrong one and ended up in the middle of this giant campground.
This beach is actually sandy! There is still driftwood logs but majority of the beach is sand instead of rocks. Kalaloch is dog friendly.
The main reason we went to check out Kalaloch Beach was to see the "Tree of Life". It is a giant tree with the roots exposed. You can use Apple apps to get to Kalaloch Campground to park but I used Google Maps so it would take us directly to the tree. Just type in "Tree of Life".
It is really giant and is cool to see!
During low tide there are a few tide pools you can check out, just not nearly as many as Ruby Beach.
A short walk on the beach or less than a mile drive on the 101 is the Kalaloch Lodge. We grabbed dinner here one night during our trip. The lodge is really nice and the restaurant they have inside has gorgeous views of the water while you dine.
The restaurant is called Creekside Diner. Our food was delicious but it was a bit on the pricier side. It was around $60 for the three of us.
I ordered the clam chowder in a bread bowl. It was really good, like almost better than Pike Place Market good. Travis got the Dungenous Crab Beecher's Mac and Cheese. It was also delicious!
We headed over to Quinault Lake next which was about an hour and a half from Kalaloch. We did not do these sights in order of closest distance, mainly because there are a lot of places that are not dog friendly so we had to plan around when we had the AirBnB.
We parked at the Lake Quinault Lodge and grabbed lunch at the Roosevelt Dining Room which has a gorgeous view of the Lake. The Lodge has maps of the trails in the area and a small gift shop.
The restaurant has really big portions so Travis and I split the Monte Carlo sandwich. It was good but they make this sandwich a little differently than a traditional Monte Carlo. I prefer the original but Travis liked this one. We were told we had to get some pie so we grabbed a marionberry pie. It is a handmade pie with homemade whipped cream and a side of ice cream. It was soooo good.
The lodge is beautiful and I would definitely consider staying here for a trip. They have thier own beach access with boat rentals and more.
Instead of moving th car and driving to the hike we planned to do, we just decided to hike from the Lodge. The Lodge has a few trails around it and they are all connected with the Quinault Loop Trail. This trail is not on the All Trails App and I actually couldn't find any info about it until I found this paper at the lodge.
We came specifically to do the Rain Forest Nature Trail which can be found on the All Trails App. Highlighted is the route we took from the lodge to that trail. You can also find the Pony Bridge Trail on the All Trails App. I would've over to do the full Quinault Loop if we had the time that day.
The trail from the lodge to the Rainforest Loop was only 0.9 miles and its a gorgeous walk along the lake.
Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail 0.9 Miles, Easy
The hike picks up in the middle of a campground. There is a parking lot and restrooms. Keep in mind this is a National Park and youll need to display your pass or pay for a day pass if you are parking here! America the Beautiful Pass is free for military. This trail is not dog friendly.
This hike is a really pretty trail through a lush rainforest. At the bridge there is a small path that leads down to the river and these falls. It's a great place to splash around in.
This trail is short and easy!
If there has ever been a time that I've felt like breaking my $1000 iPhone or sueing Apple, this was it. We set out from the Lake Quinault Lodge to the HOH Rainforest to do the Hall of Mosess Trail. Only Apple Maps took us on a two hour unnecessary detour to a dead end dirt road on somebody's private property in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. So, I suggest using google maps for this one.
HOH Rainforest is also located inside Olympic National Park so you'll need a pass or pay the daily fee. We saw some Elk lounging in the river as we were driving in.
HOH Rain Forest Hall of Moss Trail, 1 mile, easy
You can find this trail on the All Trails App. It is very easy, pretty flat, and really pretty. It looked a lot like the trail we had just done in the Quinault Rain Forest. There is a small viitor's center here when you can pick up a Junior Ranger booklet for the kids! This is a FREE program they offer at all National Parks. There are actually two for Olympic National Park, an ocean patch and an explorer badge. You can return them at any location in Olympic National Park or mail them back. 
This river was one of the most beautiful rivers I've ever seen. It was crystal clear with moss hanging off the trees above and plants flowing from the bottom.
Day 3: La Push Second Beach
By Day 3 I felt really nasty. I dont know what it is about camping but it makes me feel extra dirty. We had a long day of driving back home so I just threw on a clean t-shirt and some spandex shorts. I did pair it with our Black Lace Bralette ($30) and wore my tee off the shoulder to look somewhat presentable.
La Push beach is the beach in Twilight that Jacob tells Bella about the "cold ones". This beach looks straight out of the movie and is a tie for our favorite with Ruby Beach. We also made a point to visit at low tide to check out the sealife.
We chose to check out the "Second Beach" of La Push. There are three, Second Beach being the most popular. There are two big parking lots right off the main road. The big difference with this beach is that you actually have to hike a bit down to it. It is 1.9 miles out and back.
It is an easy hike but feels long. 
When you finally get to the beach there is a giant mountain of driftwood logs you'll have to climb over to get to the beach. It was difficult for me, I slipped a few times and we definitely had to help Aurora get over them.
Much like Ruby Beach, La Push also has the giant rocks everywhere. The largest one actually has a few small caves to explore. 
Lots of dead crabs, sea anemones, muscles, and starfish!
We enjoyed our weekend in Forks. There is a lot to do in the surrounding areas and Olympic National Park is beautiful.
You are Beautiful, You are Strong, You are Smart, so Dress like it!
Love, Liv & Rory

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