Free Tacoma Boat Tour at Maritime Fest

Each summer the Foss Waterway Seaport host a Maritime Fest, usually in July. This is your opportunity to take a free boat ride! Sign ups usually post end of May or beginning of June on the website. Here's what we thought!
Fashion first as always! We went out to brunch before our boat ride so I'll admit I was a littl dressed up. I have on our Snow White Tee ($37) which features gorgeous lace sleeves and a v-neck. I had it on under this cute jumpsuit I got from Target! (Y'all know how much I love Target) I took my Glass Ladder & Co Clutch from the Causebox for an easy carry item and my organic cotton wrap in case it got windy. Check out my blog post about The Casuebox to learn more about it! Come shop our brand new boutique at 116 S Meridian in Puyallup or online with FREE shipping at
You'll need to reserve your FREE tickets for the boat tour ahead of time!
This is the website to check out:
Wen we arrived parking was full. The boats can hold about 150+ people so thier parking lot is not equipped for that many vehicles. I would highly suggest arriving early. It is $2 for 0-2 hours parking in thier lot. Lots of people had to park on the side of the road. There is a long to get in for ticket holders as well as a line for thos without tickets who want to stand by. We were on the 12pm tour and everyone in the stand by line was able to get on.
On the boat there is inside and outside seating. We choose outside on the front of the boat. There are also restrooms and a small snack bar/gift shop on board.
The tour is an hour long and it takes you just around the Port of Tacoma. It was. Beautiful, clear, sunny day so we had an amazing view of Mount Ranier from the water. The captain told us about the history of the port, the large cranes and how many cargo ships come through here. 
We didn't get to see the cranes lifting any cargo containers but we did get to see it moving. There was a large Japanese ship in the port with plenty of cargo on it. 
The Maritime Fest also brings in other boats you can look at including army boats and coast guard boats. The Foss Waterway Seaport which is a boat museum, is free admission all day. 
They also have vendors set up, food trucks, and crafts and activities for the kids! It wasn't a long boat ride but you cant beat FREE! If you missed it, check it out next year!
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