Exploring Antique Row in Tacoma

You can find tons of Antique and vintage shops around the area. If you want to hit a ton of shops without having to find another parking space then Antique Row is where you need to go. Antique Row is located on Broadway Street in downtown Tacoma. It's on the other side of the street from the theaters and where the Farmers Market is held. All of the antique shops have a variety of items and since there's between 8-10 you can easily go inside all of them.
So you want to be comfy since you'll be doing some walking but why not look cute too? The Randi Floral Maxi ($45) is made of the brushed polyester which is that super soft and stretchy Leggings material. Better yet, this dress has pockets! It looks fantastic paired with the Pamela Pearl Necklace ($15) which has three layers of chains with pearls and beads.
Goldie's Oldies - This is where you need to go if you're looking for vintage glassware, china, milk glass, tea cup sets and more.
Brandy's Attic - An assortment of vendors with everything from new Seattle souvenirs to old books, records, and rusted hardware.
La Galerie - Lots of breakables, clocks, lamps, and more. 
What Shoppe - Antique and retro games, movie posters, comic posters, etc.
Urban Squrriel - Lamps, baskets, all odds and ends.
Sanford & Sons Antiques and Auctions - This is a huge warehouse type shop with tons of items inside.
Savoy Special - This shop is all about the Wild West. Western wear like in old saloon photos, bootstrap, hats, vintage varsity letterman jackets and jean jackets, etc. 
Broadways Best - This Antique shop has tons of large old signs, furniture, big lamps, iron bedframes, and those gorgeous vintage shabby chic chandeliers. 
Luluz & Co - This is the best place I found, and I'm naming it my favorite. There are Farmhouse items, which I love, but also because thier prices are actually affordable. 
OCD Candy Company - Old classic candy that's you can't find anywhere else (except maybe Cracker Barrel) mixed in with vintage clothing and other items.
Vessel Vintage Collection - Here are all of the retro pieces you can imagine. Retro furniture, glassware, lots of clothing, these items have a vintage expensive price tag though. 
You are beautiful, You are strong, You are smart, so dress like it.
Love, Liv & Rory

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