Eating our way through Taste of Tacoma

Taste of Tacoma is a three day event usually held in June each year at Point Defiance Park. It's got live music, activities, vendors, and of course food. You can also enjoy beer gardens and wine tastings. It was cold the day we went, and in the spirit of food Aurora picked out the Nicole Very Hungry Caterpillar Set ($40). It is the cutest ruffle set with a tunic and pants. We always offer FREE shipping! By no means did we even scratch the surface of the food options but here were some of our favorites. 
Who doesn't want a two foot tall animal shaped cotton candy? For $10 you can choose your animal and color and get on a sugar high.
I love good fried food, so when I saw fried Mac & Cheese I had to. My favorite fried mac and cheese of all time is Macaroni Grill. These little nuggets of fried goodness were well worth the $5.
Continuing on with the fried goodness we tried the fried PB&J. Mmmm messy but good! This one was $8.
There are tons of food options to choose from. We were only here for an hour and the few things we got we were stuffed. I would suggest bringing some chairs and blankets and grabbing a spot in front of the live music. That way you can hang out and take turns grabbing food to share. Dogs are allowed at the park but not inside the food court specifically. Entry into the event is completely free and there are plenty of free games or activities with the vendors. 
There are lots of handmade items, local stores, and even some fair rides to check out. We arrived at the opening time on the last day of the event and parking was ridiculous. We ended up finding a spot in the neighborhood close by but there are lots of homeowners and businesses charging for parking if you want to pay.
From the little bit we experienced we enjoyed this event and will be planning for a longer day here next year!
You are Beautiful, You are Strong, You are Smart, so dress like it! 
Love, Liv & Rory

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