Adventures in Lavender and Hobbit Houses

Ever wanted to see a real life Hobbit House but didn't have the funds to visit New Zealand? Great News! There is one right here in Washington a mere forty minute drive from JBLM. Here's the details on two fun places to visit on the Kitsap peninsula!
First off, fashion of course. It's summer and I knew we'd be surrounded by flowers so I wanted to wear something bright and fun. I grabbed the Summer Fun Romper ($50) and a classic jean jacket since it was a bit chilly in the morning. It's a gorgeous color combination in the stripes and a really comfy style romper. Aurora also wanted to be colorful so she decided on the Morgan Floral Set ($40).  This set has got the prettiest watercolor Floral print with a solid Lavender top. The ruffles really make it. Don't forget, it's always FREE shipping!
We started the morning out at Brother's Greenhouse located in Port Orchard, Washington. They are open Monday to Saturday 8am to 5:30pm and Sunday 8am to 3:30pm. Holy plants, you would not believe the selection they have. You could walk around for hours looking through thier rows and rows of buildings. It is by far the most stocked nursery I have ever been to.
Aurora and I picked out a couple plants each and it was a hard decision because we wanted them all! Besides just plants they have a selection of pots, garden supplies, and a ton of trinkets to choose from for fairy gardens. 
In the very back of the nursery, go outside and you will find the Hobbit house. Just ask any associate and they'll be happy to show you the way.
Believe it or not I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan. For a long while I wanted to marry Legolas. Anyways...this is really the most unique and coolest house I've ever seen. You can actually go inside but it is Hobbit sized so you'll have to duck. There is a little fireplace and a window with a bench and lamp. It's perfect to play in and snap some photos. 
Maybe one day I'll make it to New Zealand to see the real set of LOTR but for now, this will do!
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Just fifteen minutes away from Brother's Greenhouse near Bremerton, you'll find Purple Scent Lavender Farm. The Farm is open seasonally May through July from Wednesday to Sunday each week, 10am to 5pm. Admission is $8 per adult but this includes a bundle of you-pick lavender. Kids 10 and under are FREE!
This farm is Family Owned and located on a hill overlooking the water. I could've spent all day here it was so beautiful and peaceful. There are quite a few spots to choose from to sit and take in the sights, and the smells.
Besides the fresh air the Lavender also smells amazing. They have a bunch of different varieties of lavender planted and they have a garden area and beach access on the property. It was low tide so the kiddos enjoyed catching some crabs. 
I have been to a few Lavender farms in my life and this is the first one that's ever let me pick, which I found exciting and enjoyable. Of course the kids wanted to pick one of everything but only the pink Lavender was fully bloomed when we visited. 
If you'd like your kids to each pick thier own bundle they can for $6. The farm also has a gift shop with plenty of gifts to choose from. The shop has Lavender essential oil, culinary Lavender, dried bunches, Lavender honey, and tons more.
If you are hungry there is a little spot where you can buy lunch, Lavender ice cream, or Lavender lemonade. 
Take a stroll, sit, relax, let the kids play and enjoy your day at the Purple Scent Lavender Farm. 
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"You are Beautiful, You are Strong, You are Smart, so dress like it!"
Love, Liv & Rory

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  • I do want to say we followed your suggestion and checked out these two spots. Please readers be aware although they have no signs up to indicate this you cannot bring your own picnic and eat at the lavender farm (really a beautiful backyard). My daughter is WFPB so we packed our own lunches with the plan of eating here and buying their lemonade (which was yummy) and ice cream (we skipped this due to the way they acted). I said right up front before we paid for admission that we had packed a picnic and were excited to pick and then eat in the field. I said the same thing to the female owner when she escorted us into the yard to show us where and how to cut. Nothing was said about this being a problem at that time. Instead after we paid our admission and cut our lavender the gentleman owner came over and asked if we were done. Then offered us samples of lemonade and showed us their box lunches… when I said we would like 3 lemonades but had brought our own picnic for dietary reasons I was informed suddenly and abruptly that this wasn’t allowed. He made my girls feel so embarrassed that we left right away. It is their right to say no outside food or drink. However they should post it…. since they knew all along that was our plan I felt mislead and my kids were disappointed that the picnic we had planned for 3 weeks didn’t happen.


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